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In addition to breeding and owning beautiful horses,

we also raise wolf hybrids. Our dogs are a mix of malamute, and arctic wolf. Also husky and arctic wolf.

This is Simba. He is a malamute, and arctic wolf wolfdog.

This is lady. She is a arctic wolf, and malamute hybrid.

Also pictured is Cheyenne. Simba is the proud poppa.

This is Po. Short for Polar Bear.

She isnt to happy in this picture. She much rather be in the house with the family. All are wolf dogs are very people orientated and have never offered to bite. In fact the worst problem we have had is Simba likes to jump up and lick your face.

This is our husky,

D.O.G. I know it's a silly name, but my kids named him and it stuck. Yes it's spelled out.

To view a really awesome slideshow click on the picture below. The pictures have no real order and are at random. So please watch for a couple minutes as you will see repeats, but take a minute or so to see all the pictures. Most of these wolf pictures and images are white wolves or arctic wolves.
Also most of the pictures were taken by Monty Sloan at Wolf Park. They are copyrighted so you must ask for permission to use them. Please visit Wolf Park it's a really nice site with loads of pictures. For permission to use or for more information about wolf photographs please write
Monty Sloan / Wolf Park
Last but not least when you are done watching the slideshow just hit your back button to come back to this page. I hope you enjoy the show.

To discuss wolfdogs please go to to my front page, and scroll to the bottom. You will see a community's button, click there. You will see my wolfdogs community discussion forum.