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DEL RIO KAMALENA : Is a wonderful aged mare. She has the sweetest dispostion of any horse I've known. She is healthy and sound. If you can sit in a saddle you can ride this horse. Karmalena is 15+ hands. She is a Komsul daughter, (top) and her Dam is Brusally Gwalinaa out of Brusally Gwiazdor, (top) and *Salinaa. She is still producing beautiful babies. Karmalena has been bred to Samir. Her 2002 foal will continue with the Komsul lineage. At 22 she still has many years ahead. $1000.00 to very good home only.



Sabrina is Karmalena's 1999 filly. Sabrina was 15 hands at 15 months old. Karmalena puts good size on her foals. Sorry Sabrina is sold.


SIERRA....a beautiful grade mare. She is 10 years old, 15 hands, and fun to ride. Trained well. We have two foals from Sierra. She's a great mom. Her 1999 filly is a beautiful red roan with her mothers gentle disposition. Her 2000 1/2 arabian filly also is wonderfully gentle. Both these sweet fillies are pictured under our fillies. $1200.00.