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Welcome to ECSArabians kid's page !

On this page are links to do many fun projects. You will have to have a printer to print out these pages.

Supplies you will need are :

1. colored pencils or crayons
2. glue or tape
3. cardboard or construction paper
4. scissors

1.Cut And Color Cows.. Scroll down to "worksheets & coloring". Print 1a. and 1b. Click here.

2.Print And Color Farm.. Click here.

3.Horse Puzzles.. Click here.

4.Make A Farm Mobile.. Click here.

5.Arabian Horses To Color.. Click here.

6.Animal Babies..(sounds).. Click here.

7.My Little Pony Paper Dolls.. Click here.

8.Color These Canines.. Click here.

9.Color Schools Of Fish.. Click here.

10.Color These Ponies.. Click here.

11.Horses To Color.. Click here.

12.Large Assortment Of Animals To Print & Color.. Click here.

13.Lots Of Animal Activitys.. Click here.

14.Lots Of Animal Print & Color Pages.. Click here.

15.Print & Make Farm. A very cool farm you can build. (hint: you can use the cows from activity 1. for your farm).. Click here.

16.Animal Memory Game.. Click here.

17.Make A Ocean Diorama. This is a really neat project to make.. Click here.

18.Day At The Beach.. A cool site, where you can add images to a beach.. Click here.

19.Fling The Cow..A cool game to play..Click here.